Photo Gallery

On this page, we feature pictures of some of our existing and newer congregation members, and visitors to our Church.

Pictured are parishioners Ross and Yvonne Kearney

Pictured are Church Elder, Joy Dolan, with our Minister, Lorraine Kennedy-Richie, enjoying a couple of “99”s

It’s “Ice Cream Sundae” at Clontarf & Scots

Pictured are David (AKA Potty) and Elaine Adams, their daughter Lesley Murray, and grandchildren Ava-Willow, Kayla, Bonnie and Piper

Pictured are Nacé, Nadia, Rudolf and Carmé van Wyk, originally from South Africa.

Pictured are Garth Kennedy (our Minister’s brother) and his wife Fiona, visiting from Benin.

Pictured are Gerhard and Marilé van Eden, from South Africa.

Pictured above are Margaret Wanjiru with her husband, Denis – both from Kenya

Pictured are Millie Kimani, from Kenya, and her son, Eric – who says he is very much from Dublin!

Pictured from left are Cynthia Mwale and her brother, Gift, from Malawi, with Margaret Wanjiru, from Kenya

Pictured from left are Oriana Reddy Smyth, Honey Byrne Grube, Julia and her brother, Reinaldo Grube, from Brazil. In front are Ollie and Lexi Byrne Grube.