We will wait for you, O God.

Your Spirit compels us

to go into the wilderness,

and we ask for the courage to examine

the desert places in our hearts,

and to be willing to

face the adversaries in our lives—

that which lures us away

from being who you have created us to be.

We pray for the courage to face our wild beasts and fears.

Relieve the troubles of our hearts,

and the devastation of our distress.

Turn your love towards us

that we may we know your grace in our loneliness and afflictions.

We pray this prayer,

knowing that you watch over us, and deliver us.

We wait for you, O God.

In the name of our brother Jesus we pray,


~ excerpted from a longer prayer by Rev Karla.



Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Noah. Noah who?

(tomorrow’s window gives you the punch line!)