A Christmas Psalm: based on Psalm 96

Sing a new song to the Lord

All the earth, sing!

All you people, sing!

See God’s glory, it is coming!

Tell of God’s salvation, it is coming into the world!

Speak of greatness, strength to overcome.

Come out to meet the Lord, proclaiming his name.

Come into his holy place and tremble.

All the earth, tremble in wonder.

All the galaxies, rejoice in praise!

All the oceans and all that lives in the sea – sing for joy!

All the fields and forests and all that lives on the land – shout for joy!

For the Lord is coming –

he is coming to make everything new,

he is coming to put things right.

Rejoice for the Lord is coming …



Advent ?

Did Santa Claus always dress up in red clothes?