Lord Jesus,

This advent journey

brings me



and Joy.


Because you left the splendour of Heaven’s glory

To come to a dark and cold world,

To bring the light and warmth of your Kingdom

To a world so in need of

Your Love,

Your Peace,

Your Joy.


Because you came into the world,

Yet the world did not receive You.

You came to Your own,

And your own did not welcome you.

And still today, people turn away from you.

I turn away from you.

Sin still scars your creation

And the hearts of your own people.

and Joy,

Because you offer perfect forgiveness and full cleansing

to all who acknowledge their need of you.

Cleanse my heart tonight, Lord Jesus,

so that I may welcome you as I long to,

certain that I am also welcomed by You. Amen.

by Rick Lindholtz



“Sorry folks we are booked solid!

God Himself couldn’t get an Inn in

Bethlehem these days!”